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Tax planning is always at the forefront of our minds when meeting with clients and reviewing businesses and we can help with restructuring and succession planning for family businesses. We understand that dealing with the UK tax regime can be complex and confusing, but we are here to guide you through your obligations whilst always being alert to the possibility of tax savings.


Having proper advice and guidance when it comes to tax, cannot be overstated enough.

As a business owner, it's wise to make use of tax planning strategies, be compliant and don’t pay any more tax than you need to.  We have a highly experienced team (including an ex HMRC Tax Inspector) who will help you identify opportunities to reduce your tax bill and make your business more profitable. Ultimately, our job is to ensure that you reap the rewards of your hard work whilst still being compliant, our talented team of tax advisors will help you do just that. 


Our dedicated team of tax professionals have extensive experience in all areas of tax, including the following:

  • Share Schemes

    Share Schemes are a great way to award and incentivise employees, directors and non-executives. We can help with the paperwork to ensure it is done in the most tax efficient manner. 

  • Tax Investigation

    Our Tax Protection Service takes the sting out of tax investigations. This service is backed by an insurance policy we have taken out in our own name. It is our policy to recommend this option to you, but it is NOT compulsory. We will continue to act in your best interests in the event of an enquiry, irrespective of whether you choose the fee protection services or not. Prices start from as little as £110 per year. 

  • Let Property Campaign

    If you’re an individual landlord renting out residential property and you think you may have under-declared or not declared your rental income you should definitely consider using the Let Property Campaign. The Let Property Campaign gives people an opportunity to bring their tax affairs up to date if they are an individual landlord letting out residential property in the UK or abroad, and to get the best possible terms to pay the tax they owe. Should you require support, our tax team which includes ex HMRC staff are extremely experienced in dealing with tax issues involving making disclosures.

  • SEIS or EIS

    We can help you set up your business in order to secure investment through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). We will advise you on the requirements of the scheme, check that your business meets all of the criteria and explain how you can enhance your business investment proposition. Our team of tax advisors will take away the headache of the set-up process, dealing with all paperwork and even getting advanced clearance from HMRC to ensure you qualify. 

  • Tax Planning

    We work closely with a number of leading tax counsels and are able to help you implement non-aggressive tax planning structures to keep your tax bills to a minimum. These concern, corporate tax, personal tax, Capital Gains Tax, SDLT and Offshore and domicile. 

  • Research & Development (R&D)

    This incredible tax relief is here to encourage innovation by large companies, SME's and start-ups across a wide variety of sectors. Despite the benefits, it is still thought that lots of companies are missing out. We're here to help you discover whether your company qualifies for R&D tax credits and to support you through the process of submitting the claim.


While HMRC statistics show many industries in the UK are waking up to the benefits of R&D tax credits, the potential is far greater.

Numerous businesses are either not aware of R&D tax credits, incorrectly believe that they do not qualify or feel that they lack the necessary experience to submit a claim.

Many companies are not claiming or not maximising their full legitimate entitlement, yet they are conducting qualifying R&D activities for R&D tax relief purposes on a daily basis, without even realising it. What may seem as typical day-to-day challenges in the office may qualify, and if they do – it is an incredibly quick way to plug some cash back into your business, at a time where you need it most.

Since 2015 we have identified qualifying R&D expenditure for clients in excess of £70million pounds and have also secured R&D tax savings and repayments for clients in excess of £20million pounds. 

Through regularly reviewing your business and its activities we are able to assess if you qualify for an R&D tax relief claim. During this process we also discuss your goals and future eligibility for the releif. We then take care of the preparation and submission of the R&D claim and will deal with any questions raised by HMRC. 

If you'd like to find out more, click here to watch our R&D webinar



We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • During the past 5 years Raffingers have helped my business save tens of thousands of pounds each year by identifying one of my technology developments applicable for Research and Development (R&D). 

    George Pallecaros, Managing Director, Soccor Tutor
  • Raffingers have already put in place measures that have saved me more than their fees in tax, and the quarterly catch ups have been scheduled and honoured on time - something that helps me stay on top of my business.

    Louisa Henry, Director, Opposite Café Limited
  • We recently did a successful R&D Tax Credits claim with the help of Raffingers. While we knew we wanted to make the claim we didn’t know how to make it work for us and that is where Neill helped. After discussing our situation, Neill was able to advise us of the content we needed, and really helped by ensuring the details would meet the criteria. Just a few weeks later we received a cheque for the previous year, as well as a reduction of tax in our current year. Everyone likes a cheque in the post, right? 

    Ray Calder, Creative Director, Acumen Design
  • Having initially researched R&D tax credits we already had some understanding of the possibilities open to us, interestingly Raffingers beat us to the question and asked if we had considered an R&D claim. Following discussions we were introduced to Neill who worked with us on the preparation and submission of our claim. It was a pleasant surprise when a cheque arrived on the desk much sooner than expected. The advice, support and quality of preparation was excellent and enabled a rapid conclusion to our submission

    Bill Mead, Director, VideCom
  • ‘The service I received from Rattingers was excellent. Neill dealt with my affairs in a timely and professional manner. He gave me clear guidance throughout sorting my tax issues. I would definitely recommend their services’ 



We love to talk business and will continue to share with you our business advice and tax planning strategies, helping you to get the most out of your business and your personal finances.

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