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  • Charities How Is The Cost of Living Crisis Affecting Charities?

    As living costs increase rapidly due to global economic and political factors, charities are starting to struggle. As the cost of food, fuel and accommodation rises, more people are having to turn to charities for support exasperating the situation.

  • latest ecommerce trends The Latest E-commerce Trends in 2022

    Online shopping makes things so much easier by having our favourite things dropped to our doors. But what is missed by the traditional way of shopping for our goods? Discover the latest eCommerce trends and how traditional is getting revolutionised!

  • Get the retirement you deserve! How To Guarantee The Retirement You Deserve!

    One of the biggest issues people have to deal with is whether they afford to actually retire. In this article discover how to ensure you get the retirement you deserve and what steps you can take to boost the longevity of your pension fund!

  • 57 Ways To Grow Your Business 57 Ways To Grow Your Business

    This is the guide that contains 57 ideas on the important elements for growing your business. It's time to think about your business in new ways and help take it to that next level. Have a read of the guide, and get in touch for any further support.

  • Help yo buy your children a home! Help Your Children Buy a Home and Cut That Inheritance Bill In The Process!

    How will our children get onto the property ladder and buy their own homes? A question that has most likely crossed your mind as a parent. With house prices soaring, here is how to help your children find a place to live and cut that inheritance tax!

  • Business Cladding Ongoing Cladding Saga - What Effect Does This Have On The Construction Industry?

    Cladding; a covering or coating on a structure or material. If you are working in the construction industry have you been made aware of these costs? Take this as a heads up, discover how to facilitate to them now just in case it gets too late.

  • New Kid On The Block - Meet Our New Client Services Administrator New Kid On The Block - Meet Our New Client Services Administrator

    There's a new kid on the block here at Raffingers. Meet Nazrin - our new Client Services Administrator interested in what accountants do and excited to add more joy and hard work into Raffingers!

  • App Stack Finding The Right Apps For Your Business

    Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the wide variety of apps that promise to help transform your business? Here at Raffingers we can tailor a bespoke package of apps that will streamline your business and take it to the next level.

  • Charity reserves What are Charity Reserves and Why are They Important?

    One of the key indicators of the financial health of a charity is by its level of reserves and its policy regarding reserves - reserves help strengthen a charities resilience so, what exactly are charity reserves and why are they important?

  • help to go digital: HMRC scheme How To Save Thousands For Your SME

    As a business owner, you need to re-assess and create a plan for improving your existing processes by adopting a digital transformation and going digital. HMRC have a new scheme that could help your business have an easier journey going digital.

  • Starting up an e-commerce business What Setting Up An E-commerce Business Actually Entails

    Like any new venture, starting an E-commerce business will need some planning but setting up sites where anyone can sell their products or services is more attainable now than ever! Here is what setting up a e-commerce business actually entails.

  • Tax From the Trenches - You Could Save Thousands In R&D Claims Tax From the Trenches - You Could Save Thousands In R&D Claims

    Research & Development is a wonderful thing. Discover in how R&D within manufacturing & construction can be claimed on, and whether it is really worth it.

  • Don't Get Scammed! How To Spot A Fake HMRC Phone Call Don't Get Scammed! How To Spot A Fake HMRC Phone Call

    In the past couple of years we have been made aware of a number of clients who have received telephone calls from persons purporting to be from the tax authorities. Discover how to spot that fake HMRC telephone call and know what to look out for.

  • Your business traction How To Get a Grip On Your Business - Book Review of Traction

    We discovered the power of this book and prior to lockdown, we implemented the process in our practice we are in our second year following the tools and the 6 modules and the results have been amazing. Get a grip on your business with Traction.

  • How to reduce tax How To Slash Buy-To-Let Investment Tax In 2022

    Buy to let investment remains as popular as ever despite the changes in recent years designed to disincentivise the “small” landlord by increasing the tax take from them. Discover how you can reduce tax due on your income as a buy-to-let investor.


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