Flourish and grow in the competitive recruitment market.

Though being recruitment sector specialists, you can expect unique insights and expert advice to help you run a sustainable and successful recruitment business. We work with agencies of all sizes, from start-ups through to some of the largest independent companies in the sector. Therefore, we have a wealth of knowledge and understand the risks, challenges and opportunities open to you.

Whether you are a permanent or temporary recruitment agency, we will help you thrive in the difficult recruitment market.


How Can We Help

  • Mergers and acquisitions advice.
  • Advice on finance and financial institutions, whether for overdraft, invoice discounting or full recourse factoring.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Guidance on tax-efficient ways for retaining and incentivising key employees, such as EMIs.
  • Payroll.

Raffingers are a vital part of our business. Their entire team are always available to us whether to bounce ideas off or to provide detailed help and support. Their advice has been invaluable as has been their knowledge of the recruitment sector.

Steve Porter, Director, The Placement Group

Raffingers look after us and gives us peace of mind. They always know the latest changes and work hard to keep us up-to-date so we can concentrate on our core business.

Jonathan Hall, CEO and Founder, Cranberry Panda

I have been using Xero for a while now, but needed something that would make my cashflow reporting easy to monitor, which is why when Lee introduced me to Futrli, I was in awe. Not only am I able to manage my cashflow daily, but I can produce a range of cashflow scenarios to help me decide on my expansion plans. Without a doubt, Futrli is the perfect add-on for any rapidly growing business.

Mike Nicholls, Managing Director, City Executive Legal Financial Search

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Case Study - Lewis Paige Recruitment


Lewis Paige is a recruitment agency specialising in recruitment for the Legal Technology sector.


Lewis Paige had been looking at online accounting software for a while as they were desperate to get real-time information on their company’s financial position.  Their old accountant had suggested Sage, which they tried and ‘spectacularly failed’ (their words) to get to grips with.  Consequently, they asked their old accountant to research other alternatives.  When their old accountant couldn’t, Lewis Paige resigned themselves to receiving management accounts every six months.

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