Major Events Impacting The Construction Industry - What To Be Aware Of

Friday 28 April 2023

Written by Andrew Coney

Major Events Impacting The Construction Industry - What To Be Aware Of

Major Events Impacting The Construction Industry - What To Be Aware Of

We regularly discuss the effect of local or national micro events on the construction industry and the implant of these on our client's business, however, larger-scale events such as the Grenfell Tower fire and the Turkey earthquakes can have a significant impact on the construction industry and how companies approach their building projects. I’ve summarised some ways in which these events can influence our client's construction practices which we should all be aware of:

  1. Safety regulations: After major incidents like Grenfell, safety regulations may be tightened to prevent similar incidents from occurring. This could include changes to building codes, fire safety measures, and materials used in construction. For example, in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, the UK government announced a ban on combustible cladding materials on high-rise buildings.
  2. Design and engineering: Engineers and architects may need to consider additional safety features or structural improvements in the design of buildings, particularly those in high-risk areas.
  3. Material selection: Following incidents like Grenfell, the use of certain building materials may be restricted or banned altogether. This could impact the cost and availability of materials for construction companies.
  4. Insurance and liability: In the wake of a major event, insurance companies may reassess their policies and premiums, and construction companies may face increased liability for safety-related incidents.
  5. Public perception: After the Grenfell fire there was increased scrutiny of building practices which has led to more demand for environmentally sustainable and safe building practices.

These major events can have far-reaching impacts on the construction industry, from safety regulations and design practices to material selection and public perception. Construction companies will need to be aware of these changes and adapt their practices accordingly to ensure that they are meeting the evolving needs of their clients.

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