Lewis Paige is a recruitment agency specialising in recruitment for the Legal Technology sector.

About the company


Lewis Paige is a recruitment agency specialising in recruitment for the Legal Technology sector.

Lewis Paige had been looking at online accounting software for a while as they were desperate to get real-time information on their company’s financial position.  Their old accountant had suggested Sage, which they tried and ‘spectacularly failed’ (their words) to get to grips with.  Consequently, they asked their old accountant to research other alternatives.  When their old accountant couldn’t, Lewis Paige resigned themselves to receiving management accounts every six months.

The Challenge & Solution

By not using an online accounting platform, the agency’s accounts would invariably take a few months to complete, by which time the information was outdated.  Again, Lewis Paige approached their accountant for a solution, but none was forthcoming.  It was then that the agency made the decision to seek alternatives and a broker put them in contact with Lee at Raffingers.

On their first call with Lee, Lee introduced them to Xero. Raffingers are big advocates of the software and were able to transition Lewis Paige to the software, providing full training and ensuring the agency was using Xero in the most efficient manner.

Our results

Since moving to Xero, Lewis Paige has never looked back.  Using Xero has fundamentally changed how the agency operates as a business and has given them the real-time information they have been after for so long.

The agency now has access to the daily balance sheet, P&L and cash position of the business at the touch of a button, allowing them to make business critical decisions far more clearly and quickly than ever before.


We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • “Xero is easy to use and when I do struggle with something, Raffingers are always available to talk me through the problem. Additionally, with Futrli we can produce real-time reports and evaluate the business’s financial data on a granular level which brings a real clarity to our financial planning. Put simply, it’s probably one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

    Mark Lennard, Founder & CEO