One of the country’s leading CCTV installation and maintenance companies.

About the company


Videcom Security Ltd is one of the country’s leading CCTV installation and maintenance companies. The company supplies and installs a wide range of audio door and electronic access control systems to control access through a single door or multiple doors, multiple sites, vehicle barriers, gates and turnstiles. The company’s product ranges include conventional hard wired systems, as well as dedicated network based IP products working over TCIP networks. To find out more about VideCom Security Ltd, visit

The Challenge & Solution

In addition to manufacturing CCTV hardware, the company undertakes substantial Software Development, which enables it to provide an ever increasing diversity of product.

We worked with the company director and the senior technical staff to understand the nature of the technological uncertainties and to identify the R&D projects. We established that the company’s developments represented advances in the capability of technology to deliver solutions to address their customers’ needs, where no existing alternative was available.

We then set about reviewing the qualifying expenditure which, in this case, included employee staffing costs, consumable supplies and subcontracted R&D activities. We prepared a formal claim, which was submitted to HMRC and accepted without query.

Our results

We have now submitted two R&D claims to HMRC for Videcom Security Ltd, and the company has received R&D tax credit repayments in excess of £51,000.

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We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • “Having initially researched R&D tax credits we already had some understanding of the possibilities open to us, interestingly Raffingers beat us to the question and asked if we had considered an R&D claim. Following discussions, we were introduced to Neill who worked with us on the preparation and submission of our claim. It was a pleasant surprise when a cheque arrived on the desk much sooner than expected. The advice, support and quality of preparation was excellent and enabled a rapid conclusion to our submission. ”

    Bill Mead, Director, VideCom Security Ltd