An R&D case study

About the company


Total Security Installations Limited is a highly successful company that specialises in the manufacturing, design, installation and maintenance of security projects including safes, vaults, alarm systems and security screens. The customer ranges across all business sectors including retail, commercial, education, building industry and high net worth clients. The company has a high level of expertise in both physical and electronic security solutions and is a renowned industry specialist in fitting out new sites or upgrading existing systems. To find out more about Total Security Installations Limited, visit

The Challenge & Solution

The company had a development background as it had previously developed its own safe and vault technology to produce an anti “hold-up” solution, designed to protect against the threat of robberies within the retail area whilst still allowing users to have individual access. The company director contacted us to discuss recent innovations and key developments connected to its Prosync development programme. The company had set out to design a new safe-lock that sent live information back to a central location where activity could be both monitored and controlled. In particular, the research and development activity included the development of a locking system so that applications could be retro fitted to existing mechanisms and the design of an alarm detection via the locking device to identify if the safe is either under attack or being removed. Work under the Prosync programme also included the development of a reporting platform from where all safe alarms across sites are monitored, and the technical issues involved in developing secure information transmission over the 2G/3G mobile network without the need for the involvement of client networks or IT departments.

Our results

Work carried out in the Prosync programme was established as being a qualifying R&D activity because the research and development work represented an advance in the field of technology where no information existing alternative was available. The majority of the qualifying costs related to the company employees who spent some or most of their time working on the R&D project, however, we were also able to claim for the cost of materials that were used in the R&D process.

A claim was submitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which resulted in the company saving corporation tax of just under £47,000 and receiving a tax credit repayment of just under £5,000.

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  • Working with the tax specialists at Raffingers was a swift, easy process and the savings in corporation tax and R&D credits just showed the importance good tax planning. 

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