Why Recruitment Agencies will Always be in Demand

Cash is Sanity, Profit is Vanity

For many years it has been said that the strong growth being experienced in the recruitment sector is unsustainable and a decline is surely going to happen. This was predicted due to the increase in job boards, internal recruitment departments and social networking making it easier for companies to recruit directly. However, this decline has never happened and the sector continues to go from strength to strength. Here is why… On most occasions, cutting out the middle man is advised in order to ensure a quality service in a time efficient manner. However, in this scenario, the middle man is the recruitment agency and they are the ones with the power, not only to find the best suited and most skilled candidates, but also to make those candidates hireable. This process means businesses do not have to sift through hundreds of irrelevant CVs, saving them a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Indeed, in can be argued that in-house recruitment departments can do the same job if time is the only issue, but recruitment agencies are able to go one step further and also provide their candidates with the privacy and confidentiality they desire. An issue with many job boards, the main recruiting tool used by in-house recruitment departments, is that CVs are on show for all to see. Many candidates are deterred from using job boards because of this reason and so will often turn to recruitment agencies who understand the importance of discretion. The above combined with the fact that many agencies now specialise in particular sectors or employee levels, means that companies can gain access to a greater pool of talent through using agencies, receiving potential candidates that are knowledgeable about their sector and, most importantly, can add value to their business.

In addition to helping in the recruitment process, agencies have evolved over the years and many now offer support to candidates once they are placed. This means that if a candidate is not performing as desired many agencies now deliver additional training, enabling businesses to look more towards the long term and developing a candidate’s skills rather than dismissing immediately. Recruitment agencies continue to take away the stress of recruiting and through enhancing the support they provide are, and will remain, a core need for many businesses.