Why I think Xero is the best Cloud package ever!

Raffingers Infinity Reporting

I had a very interesting phone call with a client of mine today regarding bookkeeping software. He currently uses Quickbooks and wanted to look at a Cloud based package to enable him to work remotely from home and have the peace of mind that all the data is being backed up instantly without having to worry about taking external backups of his existing Quickbooks data. I was encouraged by his desire to keep up to date with the latest technology and recognising the benefits of working on the Cloud. I undertook extensive research into a number of Cloud packages and have come to the conclusion that Xero is by far the easiest to use and the support from Xero is world class. The benefits of Xero over other packages are as follows:

  1. Unlimited number of users can access real time information from anywhere
  2. Connect your bank account to directly import transactions into Xero, saving a huge amount of time inputting recurring data
  3. Manage cashflow easily by scheduling bill payments and seamlessly get paid online
  4. Powerful add ons to help manage business operations more effectively e.g. CRM, stock inventory, EPOS and time management
  5. Ability to scan expense receipts via a mobile phone directly into Xero and can also be used as a document storage facility

We have started moving a lot of internal bookkeeping jobs from Sage to Xero and believe that Xero will achieve their ultimate goal of having 1 million users worldwide as they are certainly investing a lot of resources into achieving this aim.
For more information go to www.rsxero.co.uk.