What Keeps You Awake at Night?

If the monster under your bed isn’t what’s keeping you awake in the night, then we’ve got a hunch as to some things that could be the cause…

  1. NOT KNOWING WHERE YOU STAND (with respect to your business) 

If you’re not getting reliable information on a regular basis in a format that you can understand, we can help!  We’re experts at developing accounting systems and reports. Alternatively, we can prepare the figures for you, accurately and promptly, and offer you an outsider’s view on your performance.  We can also help you develop an annual budget and show you how you’re doing every month against your targets.


In this economy, cash is king and managing your cash flow is more important than ever. We specialise in helping our clients manage their cash flow.  We do this by preparing and updating detailed cash flow forecasts, using the latest and most powerful software.  We can also help you negotiate finance with a range of options available.

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There is nothing more scary than a tax investigation, but if you’re worried about the tax man we can help take away the stress. Our tax investigation service means we are insured in respect of fees up to £100,000 incurred representing you in the event of any compliance check, visit or investigation started by HMRC.


There are 4 main ways to increase this:

  • Get more customers
  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Raise prices
  • Reduce expenses.

Before you proceed on one or more of these strategies, it’s helpful to know the likely impact. This is where we can help.

First, we can explore with you the opportunities, including premium pricing, brand extension, geographic expansion, and value packaging. Then we’ll run through “what if” scenarios using a powerful software package.  This will lead us to decisions that will have a positive impact on your business.  The outcome will be improved profits and a renewed focus on the business.

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The ultimate aim of every serious business person is to build a company that has value, so that it can be sold or transferred, allowing the entrepreneur to exit gracefully and profitably.

In the recent past, we have been helping a number of our entrepreneur clients develop appropriate exit strategies.  There are many issues to consider:

  • When do you want to exit?
  • Can the business be sold to your employees?
  • Is a trade sale more likely?
  • Are there children involved?
  • How much is the business worth?
  • What needs to be done to enhance the value of the business?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do you want/need to stay on after sale or transfer?
  • What are the tax consequences?

We have a tried and tested methodology to address each of these issues, to prepare your business for sale, find potential buyers and negotiate to get the maximum price a buyer feels your business is worth.

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Written by Ashlee Bloom – Marketing Manager

If you want to sleep better at night by discussing any of the above, get in touch at info@raffingers.co.uk or by calling 0208 551 7200