Webinar: Let Property Campaign | Disclosing Rental Income to HMRC

Tuesday 18 September, 2018

Tuesday 18 September 2018
11am-12pm (30 minute presentation with 30 minute Q&A)


HMRC has details of all property transactions dating back many years, therefore if you’ve been receiving rental income and haven’t declared it, then you may well receive a letter from HMRC.

The Let Property Campaign and Worldwide Disclosure Facility are two schemes that give you the opportunity to get your tax affairs up-to-date. At this webinar we will provide advice on these two schemes, why you should be making use of them and what a ‘typical disclosure’ would involve.

Topics of discussion

  • Does HMRC know you haven’t declared rental income?
  • What is the Let Property Campaign and who can use it?
  • Worldwide Disclosure Facility for offshore rental income
  • Are there any risks involved with disclosing income through the schemes?


  • Neill Staff, Tax Partner and Property Specialist

Read more on the Let Property Campaign here or contact neill.staff@raffingers.co.uk.

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