Let Property Campaign | Disclosing Rental Income to HMRC | Webinar

Tuesday 18 September, 2018

Let Property Campaign

HMRC has details of all property transactions dating back many years, therefore if you’ve been receiving rental income and haven’t declared it, then you may well receive a letter from HMRC.

The Let Property Campaign and Worldwide Disclosure Facility are two schemes that give you the opportunity to get your tax affairs up-to-date. At this webinar we will provide advice on these two schemes, why you should be making use of them and what a ‘typical disclosure’ would involve.

Topics of discussion

  • Does HMRC know you haven’t declared rental income?
  • What is the Let Property Campaign and who can use it?
  • Worldwide Disclosure Facility for offshore rental income
  • Are there any risks involved with disclosing income through the schemes?


Tuesday 18 September 2018
11am-12pm (30 minute presentation with 30 minute Q&A)


  • Neill Staff, Tax Partner and Property Specialist

Read more on the Let Property Campaign here or contact neill.staff@raffingers.co.uk.

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