Webinar: Coronavirus Update RECAP

Date: 24th March 2020

Time: 2pm

The last few weeks have seen an unprecedented set of events and circumstances around the World. Maybe not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in in 1962 or the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 have the lives of everybody been turned upside down so quickly and worryingly.

The level of concern in the UK has been increasing since the start of February leading to a budget focused on providing support to our economy. Only a matter of days later, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, was standing next to the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer outlining another series of initiatives designed to help business with the promise that “we will do whatever it takes”.

There is genuine concern and worry amongst the business community, but we want you to know that our team are ready to help you and the wider business community get through this crisis.

Whilst the primary concern of any organisation is the wellbeing and safety of their employees a plan needs to be put in place now to ensure there is a sustainable platform to operate from as the crisis is navigated and then left behind.

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