VAT MOSS Update – Good News for KashFlow Customers

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From 1 January 2015, UK suppliers of broadcasting, telecoms and e-services to non-business customers within the EU are now required to charge VAT at the rate applicable in the consumer’s country, rather than at the rate in the country of the supplier. To help businesses with this new process the Government has introduced Mini One-Stop Shop (MOSS), which is an online service designed to streamline the new VAT process by allowing the submission of a single MOSS return on a quarterly basis. This return covers all of the services or products that have been supplied to consumers in other EU states. HMRC then takes care of the rest, sending electronic copies of the return, on the businesses behalf, to the member states that have received the supplied services. If businesses do not register for MOSS, they need to register for VAT in each individual European country they trade in. To help with this new form of reporting KashFlow has introduced its own VAT MOSS support. KashFlow allows users to record their participation in the MOSS scheme and record the countries of their European customers. It is also possible to set up sales codes as digital services in their KashFlow accounts, and in the future a VAT MOSS return can be easily created from within KashFlow that can then be submitted to HMRC. However, before KashFlow or even VAT MOSS can be taken advantage of businesses need to register for MOSS online, which can be done here Once registration is complete, businesses can begin using MOSS and can take full advantage of the services within KashFlow.

For further information on the VAT changes and how VAT MOSS can help, read Andrew Coney’s blog ‘VAT MOSS – Here to Help’