Useful online VAT services

Online VAT Services

Until now, the Taxman’s online VAT services have been basic, but he’s recently added some genuinely useful tools. What’s to know?

Online functions. The Taxman has recently made some welcome additions to his VAT online services. While these aren’t the sort of functions you’ll need on a day-to-day basis they will simplify, and more importantly speed up, some of his application and notification procedures which until now have been notoriously slow.

What’s on offer? The following actions can now be completed entirely online:

  • changing your business and trading names
  • amending your “principal place of business” address
  • adding or amending business contact details – telephone number, e-mail address and website address
  • notifying a change of bank account details
  • amending the period (quarters) your VAT return covers
  • applying to use the annual accounting or flat rate schemes
  • cancelling or applying for a VAT registration
  • viewing or printing your VAT registration certificate
  • attaching files, e.g. a scanned PDF document, to applications etc.

As long as you’re enrolled for the VAT online services you’ll have automatic access to the new functions