UK Employees amongst the Least Loyal in Europe

UK Recruitment Agencies

In a recent study by APD, leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, it was discovered that although UK employees are the most optimistic in Europe about their future, they are also the least loyal. The study looked at over 11,000 working adults in Europe and explored their attitude to work. From the research, it was discovered that UK employees have the most amount of faith in their company’s ability to compete for business and talent across other countries. However, we also have the least loyal employees. In fact, as much as 47% of British employees aim to change jobs in less than three years, compared to as little as 34% across Europe.

The UK also contains the least engaged employees amongst Europe. A staggering 52% of employees feel there is a lack of engagement with their organisation, whilst only 44% of employees across Europe feel the same. The key factor that is believed to have impacted this outcome is the lack of financial benefits offered to UK employees. For example, up until recently, businesses have not been required to create a pension scheme for their employees, so therefore many have not. From the study it is apparent that financially focused employees lead to more loyal employees.

Not surprisingly, it was also highlighted by the survey that flexible working is another strong factor for engaging and motivating employees. However, as many as 28% of employees within the UK are not provided with any technical training or tools by their employer to make this possible. With schemes such as flexible working, technology should be of high priority to offices so employees can adopt a working pattern that suits them.

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