Time to Refinance Your Business Loan?

Business Loan Refinancing

Read how Raffingers helped one of their clients refinance a number of short-term, high-interest loans in their latest case study. For advice on refinancing your business loan contact our corporate finance specialist, Roy Butcher.

What was the Challenge?

The owner of one of London’s foremost specialist guitar and amp dealerships, and one of a number of music-based retailers on Denmark Street – a street steeped in musical history – was looking for help to refinance a number of short-term, high-interest loans that the business had taken over the course of the last year.

How did Raffingers help?

Raffingers introduced their client to Capitalise.com, who had found themselves in the unfortunate situation of being engaged in loan facilities with several different short-term, high-interest lenders. Initially, the client was not particularly hopeful for a quick resolution, and was content to look for similar facilities whilst waiting for one of these facilities to end.

The Capitalise.com platform had identified that the client could be relevant for more competitive, term lenders – and their recent financial performance indicated that they might be successful. In the end, Capitalise.com were able to introduce these lenders to refinance £80,000 worth of debt at a far more competitive rate, and significantly lower monthly repayment – helping to free up much-needed working capital that could be deployed back into the business.


Loan type: Working Capital Loan / Refinance
Amount: £80,000

“Capitalise.com looked for a solution in a very pragmatic way, which was refreshing. They recognised the issue, identified our client’s growth and found a solution. We now have a very happy client.”
– Roy Butcher, Partner, Raffingers.

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