The Best Foreign Exchange for Businesses

Foreign Exchange

We recently came across GCEN (Global Currency Exchange Network), which is a currency and payment specialist unlike any other, providing potentially the best solution for foreign exchange for businesses. GCEN process thousands of payments each month for individuals and companies, saving clients’ money from currency conversions and transaction fees. On top of the reduced costs and quicker payments, they also provide market insight and options on how best to mitigate possible currency losses, which is more pertinent now given political risk with elections and Brexit.
GCEN works hand-in-hand with its sister company GCS (Global Custodian Services), which is a regulated cash custodian. This provides flexibility as you can keep a balance with them. It also means that across the board, they adhere to far stringent regulations that include daily reconciliations of client money.

GCEN/GCS has an online platform which can be used to make payments and amend personal details, showing all available balances in the different currencies. It mirrors typically what you would see on online banking. GCEN/GCS also has Worldwide offices and various local banks in Europe and the Far East, to ensure that monies are remitted in the most efficient way.

Raise Money for Charity
GCEN/GCS also provide a pre-paid currency card where currency can be bought at improved rates for use overseas. These pre-paid currency cards can be simply used like a debit card and not only allow you to receive bank/high street beating FX rates but also allow you to raise fund for your chosen charity, such as Raffingers Foundation, as you use them
GCEN/GCS is ideal for you if you make or receive international payments, make mass payments (payroll) or need information on currency movement to assist with pricing-in/budgeting for future buying/importing. There are no costs associated with GCEN/GCS to open an account or receive a currency quotation/initial consultation. GCEN is potentially the best foreign exchange for businesses.

PRS for Music, Treasury Manager:
 ‘Having started the relationship with GCEN over a year ago, GCEN’s services, visions and ideas have allowed the company to advance its services, not only improving the business in a cost effective and more reliable way, but also to benefit our members & internal Processes.
 GCEN has created a tailor made personal system, specific to our company needs and are constantly adding new features and updates which continue to benefit, improve and modernise the services we require. They offer competitive rates and incredible customer service.
 No request is too much for GCEN and the extremely professional approach with a caring attitude, as well as communication and quick responses to any emails/requests, has instilled a great sense of trust and has provided the opportunity to expand the relationship.’
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