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For personal, financial advice our Partners, Bradbury Hamilton, are on hand.

Bradbury Hamilton’s team of specialists provide objective information for any financial planning requirement you have. They will show you how planned, productive investment can be integrated into your individual life, giving you more freedom and choice.

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Being both an American and British Citizen with a UK limited company that conducts 100% of its business in the Republic of Ireland, means I have to worry about tax and accountancy compliance for all three countries. However, the team at Raffingers has been extremely helpful in supporting me by taking the lead in tax discussions with my other accountants and communicating the various options to me, allowing me to focus more of my time on growing the business. Not only is Raffingers quick and professional, but I am always kept up to date with the latest tax legislation and potential impacts to the business.

Bryan Hill, Director, Novus Consultancy Limited

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