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We have managed to save our clients over £1million through tax and repayments.

You could be missing out on tens of thousands of pounds in tax relief if you have created a new process or service. With many business owners still unaware of the relief and whether the work they do qualifies, we are here to guide you.

It is important to remember that it is not just those in the technology, engineering or manufacturing sectors that qualify. We have helped recruitment agencies and design agencies claim as they have shown innovation through the development of new internal systems. As R&D specialists, we are committed to helping you claim back, so you can run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What we do

We have a proven track record of successful claims and a commitment to assist our clients in maximising their claim to include all eligible R&D costs. Our specialist R&D tax team supports companies, and accounting firms who need additional expertise, to make claims under the SME or Large Company R&D schemes. Using our knowledge and experience from making claims in numerous business sectors, we can help your business grow by reducing its overall corporation tax burden through the use of R&D tax credits.

We recently did a successful R&D Tax Credits claim with the help of Raffingers. While we knew we wanted to make the claim we didn’t know how to make it work for us and that is where Neill helped. After discussing our situation, Neill was able to advise us of the content we needed, and really helped by ensuring the details would meet the criteria. Just a few weeks later we received a cheque for the previous year, as well as a reduction of tax in our current year. Everyone likes a cheque in the post, right?

Roy Calder, Creative Director, Acumen Design

Having initially researched R&D tax credits we already had some understanding of the possibilities open to us, interestingly Raffingers beat us to the question and asked if we had considered an R&D claim. Following discussions we were introduced to Neill who worked with us on the preparation and submission of our claim. It was a pleasant surprise when a cheque arrived on the desk much sooner than expected. The advice, support and quality of preparation was excellent and enabled a rapid conclusion to our submission.

Bill Mead, Director, VideCom

Art and Graft Case Study

Case Study - ART&GRAFT


Art&Graft is an award-winning design and animation production studio based in London. The team of highly skilled design specialists have worked on projects for The National Lottery, Virgin Atlantic and Nationwide – to name but a few. They may not seem your typical company to be eligible for R&D tax credits, but after speaking to them we recognised that some of their innovative work may qualify.


Partner and R&D Expert, Neill Staff guided the company through the R&D claim process and was able to claim over £70,000 in tax credit repayments. For a hi-tech design company of this calibre, this had a huge positive impact on their cash flow and meant the company could take on even more projects.

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