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Find Your Freedom

Our mission at its core is to help you find your freedom. Freedom can mean very different things to different people.

If business is booming but you can’t find time for a holiday, we help you to shape your business so that time-off is possible. If you are working tirelessly and not seeing any return, we will help you to maximise your profit.

As business owners ourselves, we know how easy it is to pour everything into a business, and whilst the numbers may look good on the surface, you still find yourself struggling with cash-flow and worse, end up with all but nothing to retire on in the future.

What we do is take a look at your business structure and personal finances to ensure you don’t just get rewarded now, but also in the future.

Bespoke Packages Tailored To You

We understand that every business is different to the next, but no matter what your goals are, we have a wide range of services that we use to create bespoke packages that are tailored specifically to your personal and business needs.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom does not need to be a dream, it’s your right. No matter what stage of the business cycle you are, we can design a package for you. If you are a start-up looking for investment, let us create your business plan to ensure you land that pitch. If you have a great business but are struggling to make profit, let us assess your situation and implement a strategy to ensure you reap the rewards of your business.

Time Freedom

Do you want to step away from the pressure, worry less and be more fulfilled? Let us work up a package that will ensure you can take a step back from your role, while reaping the financial rewards you’ve generated. For some people, this means creating a solid exit strategy. For others, a systemic process will ensure you can spend time away from the office, with faith that your team can maintain the processes we’ve put in place.

Mind Freedom

Our entrepreneurial expertise and coaching skills can transform your business, taking it to new heights that you may not have imagined before. With you, we will create a programme which will allow you to work on the vision of your company, taking the stress away from daily tasks, allowing you to reap the benefits of your hard work. The outcome? Ultimate peace of mind.

How we can help

  • Corporate Finance
  • Cashflow Forecasting and management
  • Tax Planning
  • R&D
  • EIS and SEIS
  • Tax Health Checks
  • Shareschemes
  • Financial Awareness Coaching
  • Profit First
  • Finance Structure Review
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Organisational Review
  • Exit Planning
  • Systems Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • KPI Improvement Coaching
  • Quarterly Coaching
  • Monthly Coaching

We would highly recommend Raffingers Advisory to anyone who wishes to establish and/or maintain a successful business venture.

Ginny Baker, Director, First Class day Nursery School Ltd

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