Probate and Estate Management

Managing your probate and estate needs efficiently and discreetly.

Raffingers Probate Limited are licensed probate advisors, able to support you throughout your life and extend this support to your family and beneficiaries during probate.

With a background in accountancy, Raffingers Probate Limited understand the figures and are tax experts; they have the expertise to handle the probate process reliably, confidentially and professionally. You can be rest assured that your estate will be distributed as per your wishes and your family will not be required to pay any more tax than necessary.

What we do

As accountants, we are often already familiar with your financial affairs, more so than your lawyer (our services are more cost-effective too). Therefore we can advise on the procedures involved in probate, attend to the tax returns and IHT forms; deal with the application for the Grant and assist with the estate administration and distributions. We can also help with Wills and IHT planning during your lifetime to limit your IHT liability.

I would have never known that I could reduce my IHT liability by so much if it wasn’t for Paul. His advice was invaluable and came at a testing time. Thank you!

Ricky Jordan, UK Car Servicing

The process has been smoother and much quicker than I could ever have imagined and all done at a very reasonable cost. Thank you Paul, for all of your help and support at such a testing time. You and your team provided an excellent service which is much appreciated

Charles Boyd, 8 Northumberland

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