Medical experts talked about the dangers of sex robots


Medical experts talked about the dangers of sex robots

Medical experts from the University of Sheffield told about the dangers of sex robots, which are now rapidly gaining popularity around the world. They also demanded to ban such devices around the world.

Thus, according to the researchers, sex robots give men “too fast access to sex,” which, in turn, can negatively affect the development of all mankind. Metro writes about it. Despite the growing demand for sex robots, Noel Sharkey, a professor of robotics and artificial intelligence research at the University of Sheffield, said such devices should be banned.

Sharkey noted that too easy sex could change humanity, which will simply become unnecessary living relationships. According to the scientist, the main danger is that up to 25% of all men between the ages of 18 and 34 will be in a relationship with robots. Experts of ANVAS, which conducted a study of the demand for sex robots in France, noted that the main reasons for entering into a relationship with robots remain hostility and reluctance to experience negative consequences after marriage with real women.

At the same time, the researchers believe that in 50 years, there may be a whole movement, whose activists will speak exclusively for the relationship between humans and robots, and in the next ten years, women will begin to experience a shortage of real men.