Rules and Regulations – Winter 2017/18 Edition

Charity 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the winter edition of our charity and not-for-profit newsletter. This quarter, we are pleased to bring you all of the latest news and insights from the sector.
Last quarter, the chancellor announced the 2017 Budget, where the charity and not-for-profit sector had very few mentions, but there were still some changes to consider. The government seemed to focus on the issue of homelessness, as well as funding schemes, to prevent the risk of homelessness. Another significant change was the Gift Aid Donor Benefit Rules, where there will now be only two thresholds. We bring to you the key highlights that pertain to charities, on page 4.
Technology seems to be a prevalent theme within the charity sector. Moreover, we are finding case studies of how technology can significantly improve a charity’s  operation, productivity and to also help boost donations. Find out more with our articles, “Microsoft Office 365” and “Is Your Charity Missing Out on ‘Touch and Go?’”.
Charities sometimes struggle to raise funds and may find themselves short of other options to bring in more money. See our article on page 14 to see how you can create a new revenue stream through trading.
As always, we hope you find this edition of our newsletter useful. If you would like to contribute to our next edition, please get in touch.