Recruitment Trends 2016 – What are the Predictions?

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The recruitment sector is one of the most competitive sectors. Therefore, in order to attract and recruit the best employees year after year, agencies must not only be aware of the latest recruitment trends, but should also be finding ways in which they can use these trends to their advantage. To help you with this here are our key predictions for 2016.

Flexible Working
2016 expects to see an increase in flexible working schemes being used, allowing employees the opportunity to work at a time and place convenient to them. Flexible working allows employers and recruiters to reach a whole new meaning of a ‘high standard’ workforce, especially as increased freedoms allow businesses to hire candidates globally, meaning there are no limitations to what you and your team can now achieve.

Recruitment Apps
A massive game changer in the recruitment sector in 2016 is the growing interest of mobile apps, such as ‘JobSwipe’. The idea of this dynamic, newly launched app is that candidates can conduct the job hunting process on their smart phones. Candidates can swipe left on the screen to dismiss a job opportunity or swipe right to apply for it. This is a practical, time efficient way for candidates and recruiters/employers to find the right match. Recruiters and employers should take full advantage of this app to entice and reach more candidates.

Video Media
Online videos are now accountable for a whopping 50% of mobile traffic and 64% of all internet traffic. With this in mind, your online presence is paramount when recruiting new candidates. If you have not already considered producing a video for your company, showcasing the benefits you provide. Videos are eye-catching and engaging, and a great opportunity for you to put your company in front of a new audience. Another particularly powerful way of attracting candidates and clients is through obtaining video testimonials from clients, or using your employees to promote your company. This is a great way to make candidates want to be part of your team!

Employer Branding
We can expect to see a continuation of employer branding in 2016. Employer branding is perhaps one of the largest factors affecting the recruitment sector because companies are spending more time promoting their culture, rather than their general corporate brand reputation. This method is an excellent opportunity to attract quality candidates as it excites and inspires candidates to want to work with you.

Though these predictions are not set in stone, recruiters and employers are urged to seriously consider the predicted trends discussed. The recruitment industry is indeed one of the most competitive, and success can only be conquered if recruiters and employers stay up-to-date with the latest trends.