Become a Recruitment Leader

Networking to become a Recruitment Leader

The recruitment sector is one of the most competitive sectors; it is becoming increasingly important for recruiters to stand out and become a recruitment leader to attract clients and quality candidates. One way to raise your profile is through networking, both online and offline.

Social Media/ Online Presence
Do you have a large online presence? Is getting in touch with you straight forward?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then this is definitely something that needs looking into. In today’s society, the use of social media is a crucial part of most individual’s day-to-day lives, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Social media accounts allow you to touch base with current candidates and clients, whilst also reaching out to prospects. However, being on social media is not enough to give you an online presence. Instead, make sure you are involved and aware of what is going on in your sector and the sector you are recruiting for. Share information, join relevant groups, comment on informative posts and write your own content. Through doing these things on a regular basis means anyone searching for you can be confident that you are active in the sector and can be of benefit to them.

Elevator Speech
Another factor that impacts the way you are seen by clients is the way in which you sell yourself at networking events. For example, have you prepared your ‘elevator speech’? If you have not heard of this terminology before, then simply put, the elevator speech is the idea that your pitch should last the approximate time it would take to reach the tenth floor of a building in an elevator. At any event you should always be prepared to answer, and also ask, the following:

  • Where do you work?
  • What is your job role within your agency?
  • What sector does your agency recruit for?

Your answers need to excite the person you are speaking to and not come across as rehearsed or rushed; this is an opportunity for the person/s you are conversing with to see you as a recruitment leader and buy into what you are selling, so it needs to sound natural. Make sure these people remember you and ensure you exchange business cards and stay connected afterwards.

After attending a networking event, make sure you reconnect with the people that you exchanged business cards/contact information with. Build a good rapport when reconnecting with these people by always referring to a topic that was covered in your conversation the last time that you spoke. Remember that everyone likes to feel heard. This builds up trust, and once you have someone’s trust they will be more inclined to refer you.

Be Approachable
Being a recruiter means that you will be used to dealing with different types of people and will have the right skills when it comes to assessing situations. Ensure that people feel at ease speaking to you and see you as approachable. Perhaps break the ice with a discussion based on local/ international news, a topic which most will be able to voice an opinion on. Also, asking open ended questions is another fantastic way in which you can get people to interact with you, keep the conversation interesting.

Your status and reputation within the recruitment industry relies on how you network and market yourself. Following these guidelines will put you in great stead to becoming a recruitment leader. In order to succeed, remember to be approachable, be reliable and be knowledgeable.

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