Read. Review. Recruit. | Summer 2018 Edition

Read. Review. Recruit. | Summer Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the summer edition of our recruitment newsletter.

We are pleased to bring you our latest newsletter focused solely on advising and supporting businesses in the recruitment sector. We endeavour to bring you the latest news as well as our tips and advice from lessons we have learned from working with businesses in the recruitment sector.

Over the last 6 months confidence in the UK labour market has been high with the latest ONS statistics reporting record-breaking employment. The report looks at the market for February to April 2018:

  • UK employment increases to 32.39million
  • The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been for 43 years at 4.2%
  • Wage growth continues. Average weekly earnings for employees in the UK increased by 0.4% excluding bonuses

These latest statistics are extremely promising; however, the need for skilled worked and evolving candidate expectations mean employers are having to do more to attract the right people. We look further into the skills shortage and its potential impact on businesses on page 6.

To help your agency succeed in the current market we also bring you advice on the ‘Benefits of Mentoring’, ‘Business Growth Tips’ and ‘How to Maximise the Value of a Recruitment Company’. In this edition we also bring you a special feature on the ‘Best in Class Technology’ your agency should consider using to save time and improve your internal processes.

If there are any topics you would like to see discussed in the next edition, or if you would like to submit an article of your own, please get in touch with

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