Businesses have Saved Over £2million in Tax and Repayments Thanks to Raffingers’ R&D Service

R&D Saving Businesses £2million

Top 100 UK Accountants, Raffingers has saved clients over £2million through the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit scheme.

Raffingers offer a specialist R&D tax service to companies who are considering making a claim under the SME or Large Company R&D schemes. Raffingers also works with accounting firms who need additional expertise in this specialist area.

Partner and R&D expert, Neill Staff, heads up the firm’s R&D service, which has, so far, involved qualifying R&D expenditure of £12.8million and resulted in Tax Credit repayments and corporation tax savings of over £2 million.

Partner at Raffingers, Neill Staff, stated, “Hitting this milestone emphasises the savings available to qualifying businesses through the R&D scheme.

There is a big misconception that these savings are only available for people in white coats, but in the last 12 months we have managed to claim money back for businesses in design, recruitment and the arts.

Many business owners are either unaware of the potential benefits of R&D tax credits or mistakenly think that the claims process is too complicated to deal with. The results we are seeing show that businesses need to be reviewing whether the work they do qualifies for R&D. They could be leaving serious money on the table if they don’t.”

Raffingers offer free consultations for businesses who would like to see if they are eligible for R&D tax credits. Fees are only ever charged following a successful claim. Book yours here.