Raffingers Granted License to Undertake Probate Work

Raffingers Probate

We are excited to announce that Raffingers, are now one of six practices in Essex to be granted a probate license. The licence will permit our Top 100 UK accountancy firm to deliver estate administration and probate  services to their clients after legislation was passed in 2014, allowing accredited accountants to take on the service.

Up until October 2014, solicitors were the only ones authorised to carry out probate and estate administration. However, accountants with a recognised license can now do so – an advantage for clients who prefer for these services to be dealt with by those who are financial experts and familiar with their personal situation. Currently, Raffingers is one of 32 accountancy firms in London and Essex licenced to carry out probate.

Partner and Probate director, Paul Dell, stated: “It makes sense for us to offer a probate service. We already have an in-depth knowledge of our client’s financial and taxation matters; therefore delivering this service is a natural extension, allowing us to build stronger relationships with our clients and enabling us to support their family and beneficiaries during what can be a very  difficult time. ”.

Raffingers are licensed to carry out probate from 16 April 2016. For further information on wills and probate, please contact Paul Dell directly on paul@raffingers.co.uk.