Raffingers Becomes a Profit First Professional Certified Firm

Profit First Professional Certified Firm

Raffingers is thrilled to announce that our firm has completed the final step in the Profit First certification.

Why is this important to you? It enables us to provide you with the tools, methods and support to quickly (and easily) guide your business to higher levels of profitability.

In case you are not familiar with the Profit First concept yet, it is a method developed and documented by business author Mike Michalowicz. Nearly immediately after its introduction, Profit First became the most popular book of all time on how to systematically (and easily) grow profits in any business. Profit First became a TED talk, had an entire segment on MSNBC, was written about in Forbes, and was featured in AccountingToday all in the same week.

Our firm was selected, over hundreds of competitors, to provide businesses with guidance and support using the Profit First methods. And as a result our clients or future clients – that’s you – will directly benefit. We are here to answer any questions that you may have. And if you wish to discuss how we can employ the Profit First strategies directly in your business, please get in touch at .

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