New Tipping Laws Imminent – Hospitality Monthly News Bulletin

Hospitality Newsletter

Welcome to this month’s hospitality newsletter. Over the last month, we have seen the government consult over poor tipping practices by employers and whether or not the Licensing Act 2003 is as effective as anticipated. We discuss both topics in further detail below. We would also like to remind you about two events we are holding this October: Make Your Money Work For You and Let The Tax Man Pay For Your R&D. Both of these events are free to attend and will give you the opportunity to receive advice on your personal situation. For further information or to attend, please contact

This month, we discuss:

  • The Government Plan to Crackdown on Unfair Tipping Practices
  • Looking for a Bean Counter or a Business Mentor?
  • Licensing Act and Late Night Levies: How Alcohol is Costing Your Business
  • XERO: App of the Month

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