Maximise Your Profits by Outsourcing


The job market has recovered well in 2017 and profits are growing for many firms. As more and more candidates apply, the admin and sales support need tends to increase but it can also be a tough job to find dependable, inexpensive people to assist your business. And, as positive as we want to be – if there is a downturn you do not want to be stuck with fixed people costs! This is where outsourcing can help.

Outsourcing has been around for a long time, but has been limited by the quality that can be produced and the consistency of service provided. But, you get what you pay for and it still is the cheapest option on the market; for low value roles having an outsourced arrangement makes total sense and drives a higher gross margin.

However, for when it matters and the roles are more complicated – how do you balance cost and quality?

Yes, an employed person may be your preference but there are a number of specialist virtual admin teams based in the UK who act as a flexible resource, produce quality work and are significantly cheaper than employees! An example of a firm is who offer a wider, more bespoke service for firms.

Thinking about what functions you want your consultants to focus on and what you can place elsewhere is a question you should be asking every week to make sure you are driving the right behaviours and revenue. Lion & Bear have had a number of clients who expand on their services to include CV Formatting, Job posting, resourcing, database work and all the other distractions that prevents your consultant getting a new deal through.

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