Tax Tips and More – Summer 2017 Edition

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Our Summer 2017 Newsletter is here, filled with the latest business news and advice.

What a few months it has been. Since our last edition the government has called a snap general election, which I do not think anyone could have predicted the result of.
Despite being left in another period of uncertainty, this month we bring you articles on things we do know – management accounts! More and more of our clients are seeing the benefit of management accounts and are consequently getting better insights into their business. See our article on page 4 to learn more.

In this edition we also bring you details on ATED, which many companies are still failing to comply with (page 8) and advice on how you should be storing your customer data (page 13). It is essential you begin to think more about this with GDPR coming into force next year.

Once again, we also bring you our ‘Tax From the Trenches’ blog by our Senior Tax Manager, Neill Staff. In his latest blog Neill discusses how he was able to help a client who received a series of assessments totalling £340,000 from HMRC based on “perceived shortfalls” in her income. Here Neill discusses his approach and how he managed to get the case closed.
We pride ourselves on bringing the latest business news and always welcome contributions.

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