Isolated Business Owners

Running your own business can make you feel very isolated and in all the years I have been helping clients, I have seen the detrimental effects it can have on someone from both a financial and emotional perspective. Don’t get me wrong, there are many clients who wouldn’t have it any other way, as they love the flexibility they have when working for themselves 

However, when I come across clients who are struggling and need someone to talk to, I will always try and help. For different business owners, the type of help can vary, ranging from a quick phone call every few days to see how they are getting on, to recommending a mentor to help them with their specific issue in the long-term. As accountants and advisors, we are not here to just provide the numbers, but to also help clients be accountable, and to push themselves to achieve the business and personal goals that they have set themselves. We really consider ourselves to be a partner in our clients businesses, which means with us, you don’t have to feel isolated and always have someone just a phone call away.   

For example, if your financial position isn’t as strong as it could be, I will discuss the Profit First system with you to see if that will help you gain clarity over your finances. If this wasn’t not suitable for your business then just doing a simple cash flow forecast always gives clarity over what needs to be done in the next 12 months. For circumstances when more than just financial help is needed, we will have an open and frank conversation to see what the underlying issues may be, and to plan exactly how to overcome them. As a business owner, you really do not need to sweat on stuff alone, we can always help you to get through the things that are concerning you.  

Here are  four things that I have found as a business owner myself, that can help to combat loneliness: 

  1. Using the platforms social media has to offer, to either form or join an online community. It is often forgotten that these websites are not just for selling or marketing,  but also for building meaningful relationships and staying connected. There are so many great groups out there, sharing advice and talking through problems  
  2. Go to networking events and meet with real people, even if it’s just a quick catchup meeting.  Networking events are very useful and not just there to form business links and connections, but to also get a sense of community and find a support network. It is important to keep a realistic view that it might take time to find the right network which helps solve the issues you may have. Once you have found your tribe, you won’t be able to stay away.  
  3. Celebrate achievements no matter how small they may be. In the early stages of growing a business, you have a tendency to focus on the long list of things to do. This also means that you are constantly looking ahead and not focussing on the present. It is crucial to celebrate achievements at the end of each week/month to give a renewed sense of purpose and energy. This is often rewarding as it reminds us why we started the business in the first place, and gives us an overall more positive mindset.  
  4. Find someone you trust and let them in. I think the key to not feeling isolated when running your own business, is to find the right person to speak about your issues and daily struggles. Whether it’s your accountant, a mentor, partner, family or even family friend, being held accountable and having someone to speak to will make a positive impact on your business.

Written by Lee Manning

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