Interpreting Change – Summer/Autumn 2017 Edition

Summer 2017 Charity Newsletter

Welcome to our charity newsletter, bringing you all of the latest news for the charity and not-for-profit sector.

The last six months have been shaky for the charity and not-for-profit sector as we see pressing matters highlighted in the media.

Implementing effective processes and managing finances appropriately are ongoing topics, as talks on poor practices are still being propagated by the media. In this edition, our special feature entitled Should I Change My Charity’s Legal Structure? looks at how government structures can affect the running of an organisation; this article can be found on page 4. We also discuss, outsourcing for Charities: A Blessing or a Curse? on page 10 and our Partners Perspective covers efficient processes in Reinventing Financial Management for Charities on page 14.

Additionally, protecting your organisation and your donors’ best interest is another matter that is trending within the sector. Charities and not-for-profits need to be more aware and conscious of protecting information, which is why we look at charity risks on page 12 and protecting data on page 11.

As always, we hope you find this edition of our newsletter useful. If you would like to contribute to our next edition, please get in touch.