In the Headlines – Summer/Autumn 2017 Edition

Summer 2017 Hospitality Newsletter

Our hospitality newsletter brings you the latest news for the hospitality sector.

One of which concerns new, sophisticated methods of measuring and reporting finances. Gone are the days where all you can produce is a profit and loss report (P&L). There are now so many more insights you can gain into your business. On page 4 our Partner, Lee Manning, discusses his top five business reports he recommends for directors looking to better manage their performance.

Managing employees is a difficult area, especially for smaller businesses in the hospitality space. Yet zero hour contracts have helped owners better manage demand and finances. However, with changes on the horizon, we look at Are Zero Hour Contracts Coming to an End? and if so, what impact this will have on the sector. Furthermore, our add-on partner, Planday discuss employee scheduling software for businesses that employ hourly workers. To read more, see pages 10 and 11 respectively.

Staying on the topic of remaining efficient, hospitality businesses can make significant savings on capital expenditure. To find out what capital allowances are and how you can make the most of the benefit, turn to page 14.

As always, if you would like to be featured in our next edition, or have any suggestions for topics that you would like to see discussed, please get in touch.