How Efficient is Your Finance Team? – Raffingers Recruitment Bulletin

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Welcome to the December edition of our recruitment bulletin. This month is a must read for any recruitment agency with an internal finance team. Often we are asked: “When is the right time to appoint a Finance Director and if I’m not ready to make this investment, what should my finance team be doing to help grow the business?”. In this edition, our Partner Lee Manning provides advice on, not only the best time to appoint a Finance Director, but also what your Finance Team should be doing to grow your business.
This month we also discuss:

  • Budget 2017 Update
  • Perks at Work: Is Your Employee Benefits Package Competitive
  • GDPR for the Recruitment Sector | Watch the Webinar
  • Key Tax Dates – December 2017
  • Add-on of the Month – MarketInvoice
  • Free Tax Health Check

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