Head in the Clouds

New Way of Accounting | Cloud Accounting

So what exactly is “cloud” accounting?

Well with the ever increasing mobile office you are able to access your complete financial records from anywhere as long as you can get an internet connection. You don’t have to be tied to a PC in an office any more. There are a number of software packages to rival Sage and Quickbooks on the market which are equally as user friendly and in some cases actually cheaper. The 2 I have come across are Xero and Kashflow. The prices start from as little as £8 per month and you don’t have to worry about upgrading the software every year as you connect via the internet to your account via a strict password security check. The beauty of using “cloud” accounts is that we can go in any time to check the records are up to date and everything is being posted correctly, we can also access data and prepare management accounts and check your VAT returns without you having to do anything. The software is also able to download your bank statements directly from your internet banking and post all the entries automatically saving you loads of time. If you are interested in seeing a trial or speaking to clients who already use the software please let me know.