Gov to Revise Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme – October Monthly News Bulletin 2016

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Welcome to this month’s charity and not-for-profit newsletter. The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme is expected to generate over £135million for charitable organisations. However, with only 15% of this amount raised in the last year, the government has proposed a reform of the scheme. We discuss this in more detail in our latest article, The Small Donations Bill 2016/17: What this means for you

Additionally, with HMRCs Charity Outreach team reporting that claims with the highest error rates are made through the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, we have created a flow chart to help charities better understand the process. Click on the banner below to see if you qualify to make a claim.

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In this edition we also discuss:

  • Gift Aid Small Donations Flow Chart
  • The Small Donations Bill 2016/17: What this means for you
  • Apprenticeship Levy 2017: Everyone is affected

  • Cloud Drop-ins

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