Embracing Cloud Accounting – Raffingers Hospitality Monthly News Bulletin

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Welcome to the very first edition of our Hospitality Monthly News Bulletin. Every month we will endeavour to bring you the latest insights from the industry, as well as keep you up-to-date with any relevant events. Cloud Accounting is a hot topic at the moment and is allowing businesses to reduce costs, as well as make better business decisions through getting access to real time account information and reports. Therefore, this month we would like to invite you to our Cloud Open Evening, which will focus on Xero and is an excellent opportunity for you to not only learn more about cloud accounting, but to really get to grips with the features of the software. The evening will focus on:

  • Tips and tricks to make Xero even easier to use
  • The latest updates
  • Information on how the Add-on partners can improve efficiencies, featuring Receipt Bank, CrunchBoards, GoCardless and many more

Our Cloud Accounting team will be on hand throughout the night to demo these apps, as well as real time reporting and forecasting tools. There will also be fifteen minute meetings available for anyone that would like to troubleshoot any problems or receive one to one support. If you would like to attend, please register your interest today.
In this edition we also discuss:

  • Hospitality and the Living Wage: How will the New Changes Affect the Sector?
  • Gratuities, Tips and Service Charge: Is VAT, Tax and NIC Payable?
  • Tax Efficient Ways to Extract Cash from Your Business
  • XERO: App of the Month

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