Does Bad Candidate Experience Prevent Your Business from Succeeding?

Business Survival

A recent study lead by careerbuilder has shed light on the recruitment industry and what might be preventing you from attracting and employing the most talented candidates.

The survey, which examined responses from 800,000 individuals, revealed that candidates are put off applying for jobs when they hear about bad candidate experiences. In total, as many as 78% of respondents admitted that they would talk about a bad experience in regards to a job application with a family member and/or friend. Meanwhile, 17% confirmed that they have gone a step further by posting about their disheartening experience on social media. Recruiters should be aware of the effects of bad press, particularly on social media where the news of a bad experience is permanent; unlike word-of-mouth, which although is still undoubtedly damaging, is much easier to circumvent. The survey’s findings conclude that a bad experience can range from overdrawn and unclear job applications to ambiguity of a job description.

Applying for a job can be extremely stressful for candidates. Therefore, recruiters can help alleviate this pressure by communicating regularly with any potential candidates and following a succinct application process. Another way is to ensure that each job advertised has a detailed description to attract and entice the best suited candidates. 50% of respondents felt that one of the main factors that cause a bad experience is how vague many job descriptions are.

All industries are exceptionally competitive in today’s age, so holding your applicant’s interest is essential. The findings suggest that as many as 44% of respondents have lost interest in a company if the employer and/or recruiter failed to get in touch with them after applying for a job. Writing an email to applicants thanking them for taking the time to apply for a position should be routine. The same applies to communicating via the telephone.

It is shocking to think that some employers could be missing out on quality employees simply because of a prolonged application process and a lack of communication. It is important that recruiters try to limit these issues and have a clear job description for any role. In this way more sustainable and stronger workforces can be built.