Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution

Have you got individual debtors that are over 90 days old? 

Lost a client and you haven’t been paid? 

Had commercial discussion that didn’t reach a satisfactory resolution? 

Written off a debt in the last 3 years without any form of escalation? 

Decided not to pursue a legal dispute due to the potential time drain and/or large legal fees? 

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Raffingers Debt Recovery is for you.  

We are thrilled to announce to launch of our Raffingers Debt Recovery service in partnership with Capitalise, enabling you to access your hard-earned money and help you re-build your business. 

Capitalise has a key partnership with SRA regulated Escalate, who have already recovered over £100m. Our partnership with Capitalise and Escalate gives you direct access to a dedicated team of top professionals – including corporate recovery specialists, litigation lawyers and sectors specialists. 

What is different from the traditional litigation process?  

It is the soft skills of the corporate recovery specialists (accountants) and the technical expertise of litigators (lawyers) that combine to deliver negotiated settlements within the Escalate process. 

Ultimately, it is the adverse cost protection, insurance to the High Court and the funding components that create the environment for settlement. 

Have you ever had to write off debt because your customers refused to pay?  

You are not alone.  

1 in 10 business owners don’t pursue debts in excess of £100,000. That is money owed which is simply not paid. Additionally, 89% of business owners won’t instruct a lawyer when faced with a dispute, because of a lack of trust and high costs. 

Pursuing a commercial dispute can be a costly, lengthy and risky undertaking. Rising court fees, reduced cost recovery and a system that is heavily defendant-biased, forces many business owners to simply write off ‘good debt’ or to stop pursuing otherwise viable claims. 

Our Debt Recovery service streamlines the traditional process, reducing the barriers to accessing your cash. It’s quick, collaborative and removes upfront costs while minimising financial risk.  

How does this service work? 

If you have exhausted all traditional debt collection methods for invoices or contracts above £1000, then start by getting in touch with us so that we can raise your case and get the process started. Unlike other recovery services, you pay £0 upfront. It is a no-win-no-fee service. 

As we start to rebuild our economy, accessing your cash is key. If you want us to help you recover your old debtors, get in touch with us at today.