Comic Relief: Funding for your Charity

Comic Relief: Funding for your Charity

Over the years Raffingers has shifted from accountants to business advisors. Indeed, we still keep ourselves updated with important legislative changes and tax saving initiatives that can help our clients, but we now also look outside to see what programmes, technology and events can be useful. With the case of our charity and not-for-profit clients, we have been keeping our eye on grant schemes, discounted technology and freebies that could greatly benefit charities.

In our previous article, ’48 in 48: Free websites for charities’, we highlighted that a recurring theme for charities and not-for-profits was that the digital skillset within their organisation is quite low and that it was quite difficult to keep up with technology. Another theme that always arises with charities, particularly smaller ones, is the lack of funding available.

When charities and not-for-profit lack funds it can have quite a devastating effect. Not only are they not able to reach goals for their mission, but it can also be the difference between a charity running or going bust. Many studies have shown that charities lack funds to adequately train staff and some are even being forced to shut down due to public sector cuts.

As we saw in the recent Budget 2018, the Chancellor of the Exchequer made several announcements concerning charity taxes, however there were concerns of a lack of long-term strategy for the third sector overall. So where does that leave your charity? If you’re not able to turn directly to the government for help, where else can you go?

One method is to seek funding from other institutions that can help with your particular cause. During our research we came across a funding opportunity from Comic Relief, whose vision is to see a just world that is free from poverty. Now, usually when someone brings up Comic Relief in conversation, we instantly think of ‘Red Nose Day’ that runs every two years. However, if you look into their website there are different opportunities available such as BT Supporters Club and Power Up. These initiatives use sport as a tool for social change and champion women’s and girls’ movements worldwide.

If your charity’s mission doesn’t necessarily fit within the ethos of the funding schemes mentioned above, you can still apply directly considering you meet Comic Relief’s criteria. Comic Relief aim to target four core issues which they’ve named:

There’s even funding for charities who want to use tech and digital for good! To be able to apply for funding, your charity or not-for-profit will have to go through six steps. These include checking if your cause is compatible with Comic Relief, submitting a concept note which will then take you to submitting a full application. After a proposal review a decision will be made by a board of trustees and you’ll find out if you’ve been fortunate enough to be rewarded some investment.

Applications officially opened on 8 October 2018 and close midnight on 7 December 2018. There’s a chance to receive up to £300,000 for single applicants and up to £500,000 for partnerships. To find out more about the eligibility criteria for funding and other opportunities available at Comic Relief, click here.

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