Charity Risk and Growth Webinar

Wednesday 09 March, 2016

Take Your Profit First | Growth

Fraud and growth management were heavily discussed topics for the charity sector in 2015. Therefore, Raffingers will be holding a Charity Risk and Growth Webinar, which will feature:

  • Partner at Raffingers and Charity Specialist, Suda Ratnam, who will be discussing the importance of risk management and how you can implement effective fraud and risk measures
  •  Motivational and Business Growth Speaker, Asari St Hill, who will focus on successful growth tactics that you can employ.

Other Key Topics include:

  • Identifying Risk and Types of Fraud Affecting Charities
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Assurance mapping risk control and Risk Frameworks
  • Growth Tactics
  • Strategy and goal planning

This free webinar is essential for any charity or not-for-profit professional seeking information on how they can better manage risk and grow in a saturated market. It will take place at 1100 – 1200 GMT.