Charity Commission – New Welcome Pack


The Charity Commission has started to send out a welcome pack for every new trustee. The pack contains eight pages of useful information. There is also a personal welcome page from Helen Stephenson, the CEO of Charity Commission.

Pages two to four contain eight key points for trustees to tick-off.  These eight key points are useful if you are new to being a trustee and you’re not 100% sure of what to expect.

The key points outline the following:

  • Get to know your charity (its purpose, governing rules, operations)
  • Expect to do things soon (attend meetings, make decisions quick)
  • Get to know your six main trustee duties (be clear on duties and public benefit)
  • Sending financial documents to the Charity Commission; keeping register details up-to-date, accounts and annual return
  • How the Charity Commission can help you as a trustee
  • What to do and who to contact if things go wrong

We think this initiative is good and it’s written in simple, easy to understand English.  Speaking of languages, it is not clear if this will be available in any other languages but we will keep checking and issue an update when there are any changes.

The last pages contains list of organisations that can help or assist trustees, we like this feature as well!

You can download a copy of the pack here.

If your charity and not-for-profit would like more help on how to perform as a trustee, feel free to contact Suda on 020 8418 2681. You can also email him on

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