Cash Management Solutions: Chaser and Fidelity

Tuesday 24 July, 2018

Cash Management Solutions

Join us Tuesday 24 July from 11am – 12pm

It goes without saying that running a profitable and sustainable business is dependent on good cash management. Yet this is difficult when expanding the business and employing more staff, when customers take longer to pay than normal or when large payments are going out at once, e.g. rent, VAT and corporation tax.

Having a healthy cash flow is extremely important and being able to effectively manage several large payments at once can make a big difference to whether your company is able to keep afloat, or struggle financially.

You have the option to help obtain your payments faster with the app Chaser. This software will help you save over seven hours a week on credit control. There is also a 16-day debtor day reduction, meaning your business will have a £4,400 cash boost for every £100,000 turnover.

Another great app that will reduce your costs is Fidelity Payment. This is a card payment tool that will reduce the rates on your credit card processing and automatically deposit funds into your bank account.

Register for our webinar here to see how Chaser and Fidelity Payments can greatly improve your cash flow.

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