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Before purchasing a property it is always good practice to speak to an adviser to ensure the structure is properly in place to minimise risks, taxes and other liabilities. As part of this the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) is an important element that must be considered.
The ATED has been with us now for almost five years and yet it is still one of the least understood and more importantly, complied with taxes. Our latest newsletter provides more advice on ATED and is a must read for anyone looking to purchase a property via a limited company.
In this edition we also look at:

  • High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge
  • Tax from the Trenches: “Horse-Trading with the Big-Guns”
  • The Facts About the GDPR Webinar
  • Key Tax Dates for December 2017
  • Budget 2017 | 10 Things you Need to Know
  • Xero Add-On of the Month – eBillity
  • Why Pension Freedoms Means More Need for Advice

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