Breaking Sweat: The Journey Begins

Lee Manning Blog

When I thought about writing a blog, I was slightly hesitant, thinking that no one would be interested. How do I write a blog about being an accountant and not make it boring? So I started thinking about what is interesting at the moment in my life – running, tough mudder training, activities I question if I really should still be taking part in – but are these high brow enough? I’m not too hot on politics, and I’m sure people have had enough of this topic already.  Also, I thought I would leave this up to my business partner Barry. Barry has a passion for politics that I simply cannot compete with, to the extent that he stayed awake all night of the election, which I find a bit weird, but if you have ever had the pleasure of knowing Barry you would completely understand.
Instead, I have decided to be adventurous and create a bi-weekly blog based on two topics; not least because it will please my marketing manager, Lauren, who will get to spend less time writing content and more time badgering me for a decent CRM system, which will make her life so much easier that she can spend more time going to crossfit and putting the rest of us at work to shame. This then brings me nicely onto what I’m going to blog about. Well it started a few weeks ago at the family camping trip to Maldon, where my niece and her boyfriend persuaded me and my son to go for a run one early morning. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to escape all the snoring and the immense heat coming from the sauna like tents. The run went well considering the last run I did was the Southend half marathon about three years ago. The problem was that I got a bit carried away and, considering I only managed a mile and some HIIT exercises, I was asked whether I wanted to sign up for a Tough Mudder event at the end of September and continue my ‘Tough Mudder Training.’ Obviously I didn’t want to lose face and said, “of course that will be a laugh, but I’ll only do it if James (my son) also does”. I was waiting for him to tell me to go where the sun does not shine, but to my surprise he was up for it. I decided to play along until they forgot all about it, but stupidly forgot I was dealing with my niece who once she sets her mind on something, nothing will get in her way.

So, as you can most probably guess, I am now signed up for the 12 mile run and my Tough Mudder Training has begun. Not only that, but I have been roped into volunteering the day before, which starts at the crazy time of 6am. So over the next three months I thought I would keep you updated of my training progress and share with you my up ups and, many, downs. At the moment I’m trying to get back into running and it’s a challenge, getting the legs that are not as young as they used to be to start working again. My motivation is to get my son, who suffers from Xbox withdrawal symptoms, to go out with me and to show him that a nearly 50 year old can still do it (but at a much slower pace than his marathon 10 minute miler days). My goal over the next two weeks is to go to the gym and hit the boot camp classes, without walking like I have had a nasty accident for three days following the workout, and of course to do at least three pull ups.
As I find it difficult to just blog about non accountancy matters, I also thought it would be good idea to combine my Tough Mudder escapades with some interesting facts regarding Making Tax Digital (MTD). MTD is by far the most exciting initiative announced by HMRC since the introduction of self-assessment 20 years ago – when I had a full head of hair, more disposal income (even though I was not earning a lot (pre children)) and Barbie Girl was in the top 100 charts. At the time of writing this and following the hung Parliament, we are not yet sure if MTD is back on the agenda with the original starting date of April 2018 or, as a lot of commentators have suggested, whether it will be delayed another year.
As soon as there is news I will be the first to let you know in my next blog, along with my latest Tough Mudder Training tips.