Breaking Sweat: Progression or Regression?

Progression or Regression

Well things are progressing better than I thought with my training, shame the same can’t be said for Making tax Digital (MTD). I believe MTD will be delayed, but I’ll come back to that later. The Riviera like weather has made running for me bearable and I managed to break the three mile barrier with my dog! What’s more, my legs didn’t ache too much and I’m sure I’m beginning to look like one of the guys from Love Island (but that could be wishful thinking).

With my confidence at a high, I decided to go back to ‘boxercise’, a class that I haven’t been to for months. Despite being the only middle aged guy (well the only guy full stop), my first session went well…. although, I still don’t understand why there are not more guys at this class, it’s either they feel intimidated by my boxing technique or they don’t want to be seen with a bunch of semi naked girls!

Now that I’m exercising regularly I should be progressing nicely, but I have a problem. Weekend drinking and eating; I just can’t stop. If I could just cut out all of these unhealthy weekends then I’m sure the love handles will slowly disappear and I will be able to do more than 3 pull ups.

Although, it seems my exercise regime isn’t the only thing that is regressing. Now we know the result from the general election and the shock of a hung parliament has settled down, MTD will be delayed, I’m sure. This will provide a breather for those landlords that were originally affected this April 18. However, by delaying the implementation only puts off the inevitable and I’m therefore still advising my clients to move to a cloud based bookkeeping system like Xero sooner rather than later.

Once we know what is definitely happening and have clarification on whether MTD will be delayed, then we will help our clients to make the move as pain free as possible. Whilst I’m on the subject of MTD many businesses are aware of cloud accounting and the benefits it offers to their business. I’m a firm believer that as a trusted advisor I should be helping my clients not just from a tax point of view but also from a holistic business angle. As a result I am in the process of launching a new service, which will see us provide reviews of our client’s internal systems and processes and recommend efficiency improvements using cloud based software. All solutions will be guaranteed to save our client’s time and money. A system manual will also be provided to enable anyone in the business to follow the system accurately and efficiently.

Whilst I finalise the ins and outs of this new service, my second full week of training is coming to an end. I am pleased to say that I can still feel my legs and the knees are not too painful. I’m also looking forward to another boxercise class, which comes as no real surprise, and a few more healthy lunches that could make a rabbit jealous. I’m surely progressing?! My only fear is that I don’t peak too soon, which may make me sound a little deluded considering it is only my second week of training and bearing in mind that I have to run 12 miles and go over and through 20 obstacles! I’m also not sure my upcoming weekend is going to help my training too much – go karting and drinking with my niece’s husband and friends on a men’s equivalent of a baby shower. But, I’m sure I will be able to fit in a jog round Norsey Woods and take advantage of this lovely weather. Hopefully I’ll be joined by my son if I don’t get up any earlier than 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We’ll see.

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