Boy to Man – Where Did The Time Go?

Lee Manning | Partner

I realised the other day that I have been working at the same place for 25 years. I have an unlimited number of great stories I could I share with you but I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone or leave myself open to a law suit. Well what have I learnt in those 25 years? The most important one is to enjoy what you do as you spend a lot of time at work and being an accountant this is sometimes difficult. I have achieved this by working with great people who have been influential in my career and to always challenge myself. Life would have been very boring if I had not pushed myself to succeed especially after failing my first set of exams and thought this profession is not right for me.

One thing I do remember vividly is the rather exciting Christmas parties we used to have at Umberto’s in Ilford and one particular party when someone got a bit carried away with the red wine and ended up in hospital. I was talking to one of the partners the other day and tried to recollect what it was like when I started. The first thing I remember is that we didn’t have computers, I had a lot more hair and life seemed to be so simple, if your bank reconciliation didn’t balance you made sure you found the difference no matter how small it was. Oh how things have changed, my phone is now more powerful than my first computer, as well as losing my hair, what is left is very grey and who has got the time to look for bank reconciliation differences when someone in India can do it for me at below minimum wage rates and at twice the speed.
So what will it be like in 25 years time? Will you be able to pick up your annual accounts once you finish your shopping at Tesco? Will most people be working remotely on their ipads? By the way I have few on the go at the moment, all for business use of course. Let’s hope I continue to hear “well, you’ll always need an accountant” otherwise all the stress and endless golf days would have been for nothing.