Bikes, beer and perfect scenery

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The training is going well despite the typical British weather. George and Suda seem to be getting in the miles however I’m not sure how they are going to cope with Ditchling Beacon at the end of the London and Brighton ride.Myself and Chris thought we would break up our camping trip by having a gentle ride through the Kent countryside not appreciating the rather large hills. I struggled up two of them but Chris, with his Wiggin side burns managed to get up one of them, but gave up on the hill with a 1.6 gradient.We saw plenty of sights on our trip including a rather nice looking dog and Chris felt obliged to take a photo for his biking album.
After our upteenth hill and on the way back to the camp site we managed to find a nice country pub where a Guiness was waiting for me and a nice cold lager for Chris. We were very proud that we had done 20 miles in a couple of hours until we started talking to two bikers who were also having a beer en route to Paris. They were doing their trip over 5 days from London Bridge riding about 50 miles a day. This sounded like fun so I think we might have an adventure next year as long as we can get 2 other nutters to join us. Our next milestone is the Billericay 40 mile ride in a few weeks time and lets hope we don’t lose too many riders on the way, Maulesh and David!!!